Unpaid Workers

You deserve to be paid for the work you do.  Companies exploit Tennessee’s At Will Employment laws by forcing people to work off the clock, or with no overtime, because they know they can just fire you if you ask for your fair wages.  Examples of this includes:

Being required to show up early at work to start up computers and read emails before clocking in.

Being required to show up early at work and change clothing and set up facilities before clocking in.

Being required to wait until your first table shows up to clock in.

Being required to take work home with you, for training or other things required for your job.

Being put on a salary to avoid overtime pay, even though 90% of your day to day work is the same as it was before you were salaried.  This is especially true of promotions to assistant manager.

Being required to show up for work and attend huddles before you go on the clock.

Having your time rolled back by a manager so that it does not exceed 40 hours.

Working more than 40 hours, but not receiving the required time and a half.

Being improperly classified as an independent contractor to avoid paying overtime and social security withholding.

Being required to stay after work to clean facilities after you have been clocked out.

Being required to work during your lunch break, even though you are no longer on the clock.




If any of this applies to you, or something similar is happening at your office, contact attorney Morgan Smith at (615) 620-5848 or our office at [email protected] and we may be able to help.

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