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Maracas ordered to pay $63,000 for wage violations Maracas, a local Mexican restaurant located here in Nashville is ordered to pay over $63,000 in damages for wage violations. Restaurants are one of the most common wage violation industries, as there is a lot of pressure on management to keep labor costs down and there is […]

Some autoworkers are exempt from overtime laws

xposted from Autoworkers may be exempt from FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) overtime pay requirements.  The FLSA is the law that requires companies to pay you minimum wage and also to pay certain employees overtime.  These cases are frequently brought by lawyers to enforce minimum wage and overtime laws as the statute gives the […]

Breach of Employment Agreements Ripe for Summary Judgment

Some employees enter into employment agreements that include the terms for severance and other benefits. In JIMMY L. HENSLEY V. COCKE FARMER’S COOPERATIVE, Mr. Hensley and Cocke Farmer’s Cooperative entered into a severance agreement in February of 2010 that stated Mr. Hensley would receive a certain amount of severance in certain circumstances, including termination without […]

Paid in Vacation Time?

When I was working in government, it was very common to receive additional vacation time or sick leave for salaried employees who had to work excessive hours on projects. Professionals such as lawyers are exempt from the overtime laws. However, sometimes employers bleed this method of pay onto non-exempt employees inappropriately. Giving hourly workers time […]

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